Scene Guide

Here's a reference for anyone having trouble getting a scene, or wondering if they've got them all. Rather than outline full play paths, I'll just describe each scene and how to get it. Spoilers ahead, of course.

-Mob CG:

With the ear clips equipped, lose three times to any of the normal enemy groups to get all three scenes. Note that losing 3 times will lock you into the Slut Mode path, so you won't be able to get the normal endings without a separate save.

-Slut mode battle sprite

After losing three times to normal enemies, battle sprites will be different, and clothing will be optional

-Normal mode good end

Defeat Diezel in normal mode. No CG, but listed here as it is an end.

-Normal mode loss to Diezel

Lose to Diezel in normal mode. Choosing not to surrender fully at the end will start a loop. Choosing to fully surrender will complete the scene and lead into-

-Normal mode Bad End

As described above

-Slut mode end

Fight and "Defeat" Diezel in slut mode.

-Lose to stair guard

Lose fight to stair guard in normal mode

-Give in to stair guard

Give into stair guard's demands in normal mode (immediately or after a loss)

-Get used by stair guard

Talk to stair guard in slut mode

Get Cruel Serenade

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I think this game is fantastic, and cannot wait to see more. I created an account here just to let you know. Best lewd RPG maker I’ve played.  

I do have a question though. When losing to Diezel and choosing not to surrender, what do you mean “will start a loop.”?

I tried it, but I’m not sure if this is completed yet or bugged. 

Aw thanks!

No, not bugged, at least as far as I'm aware. Losing to the boss in normal mode but not "giving in" results you eventually ending up back at the start.

When I tried it, it would take me outside of that final area, but I couldn’t enter back into the building. It was as if I was stuck with no progression besides resetting.  I can do some more investigation later and report it here. I have a save I can reliably recreate the problem I think.  

Yup, that's as intended. You just have to explore a little more.

Deleted 140 days ago

yep! I hadn’t explored enough.  Can’t wait for the next chapter. 

No worries, glad you found it.

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Really enjoyed it! Love the hypno angle, and nice to see a twinkish m/m content (as a bit of a twink myself). My one complaint is I wish the number of encounters was either toned down a little bit, or stealth was more of a viable option. In both slut mode and normal mode it feels like a bit of a slog getting through all of them, and trying to get past usually results in 3 encounters in a row (making the normal ending a little annoying to get) Otherwise very good, love the art and the writing! Can't wait to see more!

So I'm not sure if this has been asked before but is it possible to defeat the stair guards fairly?


It is, although it is pretty difficult. Also, don't make the mistake another poor soul did recently: remove the ear clips first.

I didn't know you could remove them 


Glad I passed on the info then :D. I will say in general, always poke around in my games. My general design philosophy is that the absolute basics should be very obvious and easy to understand, but all sorts of stuff beyond that is fair game to be somewhat mysterious or vague.

Nice, thank you 

I think my only complaint is there's to many enemies with the same sprite. Its cool there's only one for now but maybe shave down the amount 'there' overall by like 70% so you aren't repeating the same scenes/fights over and over trying to reach other content.

This is a tough thing to tackle, more tough than I think people realize. I definitely agree that some more enemy variety would be nice, and there will a few more in the next chapter. That said, there's a kind of tug-of-war between number of enemies and the depth of the art assets involved, since time is limited. A traditional small RPGMaker project might have a bunch of enemies, but all that's required for them is one static sprite. They also often lean heavily on pre-made stuff. I can't do that: everything has to be made fresh. Which means every enemy needs:

-A battle sprite

-A walking sprite

-Face cut-ins

-Battle sex sprites specific to them

A lot of sex rpgs handle this by either having only one sex sprite per enemy type or by having every sex sprite be generic, and thus usable by any enemy. I can't do the first, since my theming tends to a small handful of new enemies per chapter. I could do the second, but there would end up being a lot of repeated and samey battle sex. This would also mean that doing slightly different control mechanics for each chapter would have to be thrown out.

Ultimately, I can have a lot of enemies with fairly similar sex moves and mechanics across all the chapters, or I can have just a couple in each, but with some depth and variety to their sex and hypno mechanics. Considering the kind of game this is, I've opted for the second so far. All that said, I do aim to have two different enemy types (actual, not just palate swaps) on launch with the next chapter, and potentially a third eventually.

Oh I do understand, realize now I worded it improperly. What I mean is that with 3 enemies per fight, when you 'lose' they all respawn and for example just after the respawn point there's that cluster of like 4? enemies. It turns into 12 different enemies you have to slowly spam click through the animations and everything for since there's multiple steps to each one. In that area you could prob cut out at least half of the patrols and still have a satisfying amount of combat for the size of the area. The second area from what I saw was more reasonable in its enemy count, although I had the game crash twice and couldn't myself to go through the actions for that group of 4 fights again to reach the boss. Alternatively reducing the amount of steps to 'satisfy' each enemy or making 2-enemy groups more common would be helpful.

Oh, so your issue isn't variety of enemies, just the amount in a given area. That's understandable, but I'm not sure I agree. Keep in mind that once you get to those four mobs, that's one of the only two screens of enemies you have to fight past, so I'm hesitant to take too much away from that. Swapping one or two out with 2-enemy mobs might not be a bad idea though. Of course I'm thinking about this in terms of ordinary combat: the assumption has always been that a typical playthrough will take out SOME of the mobs legit, especially the early ones, and THEN maybe end up in slut mode and use that to get past the rest. If you're tipping into slut mode right away, yeah, I can see that being a bit of a slog. I have actually radically streamlined how fast the slut mode fights go compared to what they were originally, but it will take you a bit to get through everyone like that.

Sorry to hear it's been crashing. For all its faults, RMGMaker is usually fairly stable. In fact I don't think I've ever seen it outright crash unless there was a buggy plugin or I massively screwed up a bit of coding. What do the crashes look like?

no logro avanzar despues del segundo grupo de jabalies (inicio) no se si estaré usando bien los items, equipos, etc...

No hablo español, así que lo siento si esto está un poco apagado. Después de derrotar a los jabalíes de la entrada, y a los del almacén, vuelve a salir y derrota a los jabalíes de la derecha. Uno de ellos tiene una llave. Si Mezz dice algo después de ganar, sabrás que has encontrado el jabalí correcto. Entonces coge esa llave y abre la puerta de la izquierda (botón de acción).

Sorry bitshift, I forgot to use the translator. Oh, okay. He defeated the boars inside the warehouse, but since they did not leave anything in the following attempts, he avoided the fight (as it appears in the option). Understood Mezz's next mission find that key. Thanks for the information.

do you have a media social to that i can follow? the game is really good! cant wait to see more hypnosis and mindbreak~

Thanks! No, just this account here and FA if you're old school.

ah, I see! the game is perfect there are not many hypnosis games. I cannot wait for the next update! you should create a Twitter and update your progress there!


I'm not a big fan of social media in general. And in this case it wouldn't be especially useful, as I only have something to announce every 6+ months most of the time. Again though, glad you're like it so far.

ah, I see! well, still can not wait to see the next update! I bet it gonna be so good!

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I kinda confused with rhe lose three times

Do we need that earclip? Or the lose when the earclip actived or just normal lose until its show game over?

Three times with the clips equipped. I'll change that to clarify.


I think the only thing holding this back is there are only 2 enemy types and a boss and no enemy mixing. But I understand you can only do so much as a team of one and you'd rather start on the next chapter rather than keep coming back and only tinkering with this. I'm definitely excited to see where our bunny goes.

Thanks! And I agree it is a bit sparse, but in addition to what you already said, remember this is essentially 1/5th of one game, rather than 1 of 5 games. The parts will be released and play separately for practical reasons, but it's very much planned as one thing. So the "whole game" eventually will have a pretty good variety of enemies, we're just not there yet.

Wait,but we cant fight stair guard. Can you explain please "

-Lose to stair guard

-Give in to stair guard

-Get used by stair guard"

You can indeed fight the stair guard. Talk to both of them.