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A smug bunny sneaks his way onto a mysterious island off the coast of Midnight City, eager to investigate the recent actions of the boar gang there. Has he bitten off more than he can chew?

NSFW. 18+. Furry, M/M, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Humiliation, Corruption and Bad Ends.

This is the first of five "chapters" I plan to eventually get out. Each will be similar, but with new locations, enemies, and some new mechanics, and the outcome of each will carry over and effect the others in small ways. 

This first chapter is free, and probably always will be, but if you enjoy it and want to support the project, consider donating when you download. You can pay any amount, and as many times as you like, so it works as a tip jar as well as well as an ordinary "purchase" system.

Thanks for your interest, and feel free to share feedback and bug reports. 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(271 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Adult, Furry, Gay, hypnosis, NSFW


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[Bitshift] Cruel Serenade [v. 0.3].zip 451 MB
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cant wait for june 




Wanted to know, What is the max level you can get?


Depends on how you define it. I currently have technical max level for Mezz at 99, since that's the default (I think) in RPGMaker. That mostly just means all his attribute scaling is oriented around that. In practical terms though I'm not sure it will ever go that high, and there certainly isn't enough XP in Chapter 1  to get anywhere near that. 

I do plan to "carry over" levels in that I've done a middle of the road playthrough of 1, looked at what level he is, and then start players at that level in 2, just for some story consistency. So if the series goes on long enough, he may get up there.

Thats fair, But what im asking is "What is the highest level Mezz can get to from beating up the boars?" Thanks for explaining how you are gonna do a level transfer.

Ah ok. Couldn't say for sure. A typical play through for me puts him at about 11, but that's without killing every single mob. So possibly 12? But why the interest in this in particular?


Just wanted to know. I was wondering what the max level i could get to to fight the boss on the normal route.


I had level 14 before the boss on a normal route, but to do this, you need to defeat a gang of wild boars at the entrance. If without a victory over them there will be 13.

Ah, ok.

Do you have twitter guys? i want to follow.

Nope, just the dev logs here.

No question, just here to say your game and art is amazing!



Just wondering, How's the game going? Been a while since the last update, and i'm curious to see if you know when the game might be out.

Last update (on news) was only 19 days ago. And it was big one, so if you missed it, definitely take a look at the dev logs. Long story short, maps are done, final push on the big art and writing bits has started, hope to have it out by June.

I see.

Just a question, but do you plan on opening up a discord server or something for the little community here to talk about the game and other stuff, or do you prefer to just have the Itch.io comments section?

Just the comment section. Discord sucks, and it's also a second job to moderate, which I'm not interested in. Itch has an option for the comments section that's more like a mini-forum and I may switch that on for Chapter 2 when it comes out.

yaaaaaay it jast 12 days to wait and finally this game will be update :D i am so excited and can not wait haha 

i will delete it and download it for start from first and delete all my save date :D 

Bit more than 12 days. Release will (hopefully) be in June.

i mean so soon :D 


This is very good, finished the normal ending and the lust ending. Excited to see more!



Ayo I just lost to the Stair Guard and uh.

I hope Mezz has access to a good therapist after that.



There are many hazards to being a vigilante.


i can not wait to see chapter 2 :D and good luck .

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I am playing this game on android with joiplay (and needs the RPG plugin, both on play store.) and im having a bug that the Mezz stay with a black cube over him in the middle of the battle, someone else have this bug or is just me? (If i write something wrong im sorry i am BR and i don't know english so well.)

No problem, your english is fine! Unfortunately Cruel Serenade isn't supported for android use. The black square issue might be resolved by tinkering with your mobile web browser and running index.html directly, rather than trying to run the game through joiplay, but even then I use a number of plugins that probably won't play well with mobile, and this will only get worse, as the secondary save system I'll be introducing for 2 will require some basic local file saving and shuffling. For now at least, Cruel Serenade is only a Windows Desktop game.


Okay,  thank you. 

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So, this is a cool game, But i have a small problem with the Nightclub/Boar hideout place. If you are trying not to get the horny ending where you keep the ear clip things, The fight against the boars blocking the stairs is really tough. The boar you fight first hits hard, Around 150 damage per hit, give or take some. After 1 or 2 turns, 2 more boars join in. All boars deal around 150 damage per hit, Not TOO bad, You have a few items by now. After another 2-3 turns, 3 MORE boars show up. All of them deal around 150 per hit. So, Turn1 : 150 damage, Give or take a few. Turn 2, Around 150 if the two boars dont show up. If boars do show up, Around 450 damage. (For context, Burgers heal around 700, Give or take some.(You cannot heal with anything OTHER then burgers and supremes, and supremes heal around 350..(Blocking does reduce damage, But that prolongs losing the fight.))) Turn 3, definitly 450 damage(boars show up by now). Turn 4, 450 damage give or take some. Turn 5, 3 more boars show up. If you dont block, Arent at full health, or dont have the dodge ability. You are DEAD with around 900 DAMAGE PER TURN. Unless you have 1900 from the horny path, you aint surviving one turn. So yeah... Please nerf.

It's been a while since I've playtested the fight, and I don't think I ever bothered to beat it, as multiple players reported they were able to. I may revisit it eventually, however it should be doable, although punishing. Remember to take the clips off, if you aren't. That buys a lot in terms of damage and time. Beyond that, it's really a matter of crowd control: if you get to the point where there's a ton of enemies on screen, you've probably already lost. I'd imagine some save scumming to try to get ideal luck with where "Hard Knocks" lands would probably do it though.

Yeah, If people reported they were able to, its because they got super lucky with damage output and not getting hit.. Im on the unlucky side of the sectrum.

Right now I'm pretty focused on Chapter 2, but once that's out I plan on revisiting 1 to tweak some stuff, and I'll definitely be looking at that fight to make sure it's at a reasonable level.

Thanks! I look forward to chapter two! And, when you're done, Do you think you can take suggestions for small things? (Changes to moves, Changes to lighting, changes to items, ect) No need to say you can, its completly fine to just wait till the games finished to do changes. If you can, Thanks!

Oh sure! But remind me once I'm at that stage, things tend to get lost in comments otherwise.

Will items like "Stimulant" or "Horny Juice" be added to Chapter 2? Or are they just concepts?

Those were just debug items if I remember right. No plans for those particular items.

Hi! I've tried your game several times and it's just great! I will really look forward to the continuation! I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong, I don't know English well, I'm from Russia. I also have three questions. 1) Which ending can still be considered canon? I played both whore mode and gradual defeat mode, and was also able to defeat Diesel by playing not in whore mode! So what is the canon anyway? 2) Since I am from Russia, it will be quite difficult for me to buy part 2, is there a possibility that the game will be released in steam? there is an opportunity to buy there! I would really like to support this project. 3) How are the stages of work progressing? Will part 2 be ready by summer?

No problem, your English is great! And glad you're enjoying the game so far.

1. In a sense, whichever ending you like is "canon." In practical terms though, endings that dead-end the story obviously won't be carried on to the next game. That said, if by "canon" you mean "endings that carry through to the next chapter," both of the other two do! That's the point of the extra "Data Crystal" save system I'll be putting in: play through 1 with whatever outcome you prefer, transfer the file over to 2, and there will be consequences based on it (small at first, but growing.)

2. I have a SubscribeStar, which I think is still Russia friendly? Sorry if I've got that wrong. If you can use it, you can send me a tip through that once the game is out. Otherwise, you certainly have my blessing to pirate it if no payment method is available, though unfortunately that will mean missing updates. No plans for Steam for now though. Maybe eventually, but that would have to come a while after this is out, bugtested, expanded, and successful.

3. I'm nearing the end of the 2/3's mark. I expect to have some actual news out on it by the end of next month. Initial release should be early summer if all goes well.

Thanks for the answer! Understood)) well, I will wait for the second part and I hope everything will be fine with us)

are there any update soon ? or any news for this game ?

Check out the post right below yours.


haha sory i did not see it .

and i can not wait :D

I honestly cannot wait for the next update, i played the part 1 during may, and now ive come back mostly because it was super hot, and cute. (Also i wanted to know how you and the game were going hehe)


Aw, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I'm doing pretty good, and game progress is going well. Should have an update around the end of next month, and release around early summer.

thats exciting! Def lookin forward to it. Will the 2nd part be paid or free? Just so i know if i needa cough up some cash or not hehe

It'll definitely be paid, but nothing crazy. Will finalize a cost once it's ready.

I finally managed to finish the game! Hallelujah! it was quite fun having Mezz move around all the corners, dodge the boars, fight, fall into 'trap bonuses' like green slime. both endings (whore mode and normal mode) give some clues as to what will be seen in the following chapters. For example, who sold the ear clips to Diezel? Among others... I liked both endings. Of course, the final whore mode is the beginning of the next chapter. Thank you very much for giving us this entertaining game and much success in chapter two and in your next projects.



this game is really great! I love the slut mode! not enough games allow you to bottom through the story and it's great that i can both go for sex scenes in a way that progresses the story. The slut mode fight with Deizel is also a stroke of genius! I loved being forced to do the entire battle with cuts to what's actually happening and i'm just being used like a slut. Though maybe add a loss condition for that fight since it does suck to get stuck in an endless repeating cycle of restarting the fight when i was attempting the fight again. Would also love the ability to run from battles in both modes cause sometimes i got places to be and don't wanna sit thought a whole battle. Still a great game and can't wait for more updates!


Aw thanks! It's fun to see people enjoying the sub stuff.

Theoretically that looping shouldn't be an issue. I think it may give you fresh items, and if not the "fight" should be fairly easy on purpose. But if you're genuinely getting stuck looping more than 2 or 3 times let me know; I'll have to take a look at that eventually.

The no-escape-from-battle is actually a balance issue: it wasn't there to begin with, but was added early on due to feedback that a. the fights were too easy and b. it was too easy to skip past everything. I think it also comes down to limited mobs in this one: in a larger game you can have an escape chance, but the player will still be forced to fight eventually. But with this one if you skim over a third or a fourth of the enemies that's a big chunk of the game. That said, you DO move faster than the boars, and if you're quick you can avoid a number of battles just by ducking and weaving successfully.

Guys, I've just look at some comments here and have so much questions. The main one - really? Someone have problems with fight's? There's one trick, wich you can use to easy game/fight. In fight, you use most of the time special move. If special move get 2 hits in 1 boar, you can easily kill him in one common attack That's for first.

Second - when in fight you had only 1 boar - it's better to meditate, and then kill him with common attack's.

Out of the fight, you can go in "menu", and use you're own skill - to heal yourself. It's costing some MM, that's why you need to meditate with one boar. Cuz, you've get less damage.

It's simple. Repeat all the time. And easy win, without using any item's. 

Btw, I was using block only at Boss. 

And obly in second run I've use item's. I've just eas bored, to repeat all of that =^=

To be clear, the items DO have a purpose: the health ones allow you to heal in combat if you screw up, and the energy ones allow you to top off energy going into a fight so you don't waste time on the focus move right away. But yes, overall it is pretty straightforward if you've ever played an RPG before. While generally you just steamroll with the special and the recharge (focus), there are situations where regular attack is useful, as you mentioned, because it hits faster and doesn't need to be recharged. There's a fun dynamic between the special, regular and the recharge because of that, and I'm playing around with it a bit more in 2 as I work on the new battle system. Still won't be super complex, but should have a LITTLE more depth to it than currently.

Also to be fair, keep in mind that depending on how far back you go, you may be reading comments from before the game was balanced the way it currently is (although it was actually EASIER at first, so I suppose that doesn't really hold).

"I was using block only at Boss." I'll have to check this at some point. I can't remember now if my original intention was to make it impossible to win the boss fight without the special dodge, or just a huge pain. Also if you were hoarding healing items until the boss, that probably helped a lot.

Ow, yeah. I saw some results of your balance in game. Yeah, it was TOO easy, when the game was started here. But i think, that was on purpose. Kinda - for beginners of this type of game, or kinda - we fighting as a good warrior, against regular bandit, which only have their muscles, but no brain or technic (Like our rabbit warrior, with 7-8 lv at start)

Ow, and I'm so interested in the drug, which was on the ship, just before boss fight. And the mechanic, when enemy can call their friends.

Btw, maybe you can try to combine this mechanic with map? Kinda, if we got stuck between 2 patrol wich already see us and trying to fight wit us, can combine in 1 fight, and will replace each other... Like in Boss bar, whith wich we can fight and lose... 

Or this too much for code of the game? ^^"


It could be done, but wouldn't really be worth it, because the game essentially does that already: if you get caught between two mobs on the map, you'll have to fight them back-to-back with no rest inbetween. There's definitely some big fights in 2 though.

I liked this game, but it has 2 minor problems. 1. boring whore mode. 2. You can't miss cutscenes. And I also have 2 questions. Why do we need a slime room if it removes a level and provides few resources? What happens if you defeat all the opponents on the maps? It would be fun to see something.

Thanks for the feedback. A lot of what I ended up doing in this first one was experimentation: getting ideas, trying them, and keeping them in if I thought they were at least somewhat worthwhile. In general I think slut mode works fairly well for what it is: another little bonus on top of the usual stuff. It does potentially drag a bit, but I think the assumption is that by the time you hit it you don't have that many mobs left to get through. Always room for improvement though.

Not sure what you mean on cutscenes. If you mean you can't skip longer bits of dialog, that's true, but you can hold down enter to skim through them faster. If you mean the actual sex scenes, you absolutely can miss them, which is why I have the scene guide up. The slime is an early attempt at a trap, and adding some stakes to exploration: might get some stuff, might suffer a debuff. Of course ideally there'd be art paired with it, but that particular one never got to that stage, in part because it's so basic. I'm continuing to evolve the idea in 2 (no slime, just a few unexpected things), and I think it'll be a lot more interesting.

No special reward for completely clearing the map. The focus of the game is in getting to and achieving an objective, so fighting guys you don't need to is usually a waste of resources.

I was out of healing items and SP about when you need to clear the area near the very beginning, did not try the pig's drug, decided "screw it, I can't progress it, let some of them defeated me to see what would happen, straight up booted to the main menu, not evem\n a "they captured you for evil reasons" flavor text, what did I miss?


You'll want to explore a little more. One of the boars outside to the right has an item you need. There should be enough items to get you through: if you're running low, you might want to double-check you collected everything, or possibly just do a fresh run, since you're near the beginning.

fresh run it is then

I thought pretty much all the boars except the one I died when fighting against, no key anyways, inside or out, so I got pretty bad RNG

and there was no more burgers and sodas anywhere, and I was on the last lags, unless I got a per no-hit fight, it was game over no matter what

I think you probably ended up doing that first bit in a sequence I wasn't anticipating. But if you get all the items in the office and in the warehouse, you should have plenty to deal with both the encounter in the warehouse and the boars you need to defeat outside, at least to get the key. Remember you can heal via skill when out of combat, you don't have to use an item. 

Also if it helps, the boar with the key isn't randomized, it's the same one each time. So if nothing else you should be able to save-scum until you hit the right one. With the above though, hopefully that won't be needed.

wow! I finally finished playing... and it was super fun. Poor Mezz, no matter how much he resisted, he always fell under the domain of wild boars hehe ..

although I think there must be surprises hidden there. For example, I have seen images with the name Boss 1 A - A, Boss 1 B - D, etc. I guess it has to do with the boss. Do you have any advice to get those images, because the others have already been discovered... By the way, I liked the ending where Dizeel fucked Mezz from behind while he thought he was fighting...


Thanks, glad you're enjoying it!

Check out the "Scene Guide" dev log, you should be able to figure out which endings/scenes you missed from there.

ok. Thanks. excuse the question. When you say normal mode, do you mean that mezz doesn't have an ear clip on? So when Mezz finds them he shouldn't put them on.


Not quite. There's an upper limit on how many times you can be defeated (in terms of new scenes): once you hit it you switch into a different gameplay mode. "Normal mode" is just playing through without hitting enough defeats to trigger that mode.

I don't understand at all... well I'll keep trying to see if I can uncover other places. Oh! Is it necessary to defeat all the guards or can Mezz elude them without a fight? Will that affect the course of future scenarios?

Trying to put it as simply as possible: getting to the final boss with only a few defeats will get you one ending. Getting to him after many defeats (I think four) will get you another.

And no, you don't have to fight all the normal enemies, as long as you can get around them.


probably a dumb question, and the answer is probably no, but do you think you'll ever add a toggle or choice between a male and female main character? I played a bit of this game, and I absolutely love the concept, the only drawback I have is that Im not a huge fan of malesub content. In the end, its your game and I have no say in what audiences you appeal to, but I thought Id at least ask, because I would probably pay for the game if you ended up putting a price tag on the final version if you at least put in a toggle. Sorry if Im sounding like a jerk here


No harm in asking, and glad you're enjoying it otherwise. But yes, the answer would have to be no, for two reason. On a practical level, a "toggle" would mean literally doubling every single art asset in the game, which obviously isn't workable. But also from a design perspective, this is more or less a gay game. I've done straight stuff before (not games, just art), and probably will in the future, but this particular one will probably always be exclusively m/m. It's just the particular vibe I'm going for here. Like I said though, glad you liked some of it, but if you're not into the particular content here, that's fine. 


completely understandable. thanks for answering, and good luck in development



第二章应该在明年初夏左右发布。(The second chapter should be released around early summer next year.)


Come on, I'm looking forward to it


For any future reference, this game does work on steam deck.
Seeing as how it's my favorite RPG maker game, i put it on my steam deck, the game runs alright, it sometimes lags out on bigger areas populated with more NPCs.


hi are there any update new cam soon or any thing new ?


I'm working on the next chapter currently, hoping to have it ready by early summer. After that's out, will probably be focusing on adding scenes/features and bugtesting it. Won't be changing much on this chapter though other than some minor gameplay tweaks and updates.


oh okay take your time :)


Good gameplay and art; not too difficult but somewhat challenging.

I would like if, as perhaps a new game plus thing or some code, to be able to be naked from the start and without slut mode.


Thanks! And will consider. Don't know if there's a huge demand, but would probably be fairly simple to add.


I would also strongly support this

sorry for the inconvenience. I am trying to get the key to open the gate at the beginning of the game. I already defeated the boars at the entrance, the ones inside the warehouse and the ones outside (here there are 2 instead of 3), but I don't get the key. what am I doing wrong?

I'd load an earlier save and try again, sounds like something glitched, though I've never encountered that bug before. Boar you want is one of the ones to the right outside. Also there are 5 boar mobs in that area, so you may have missed some somehow.

OK thank you. Well, first I defeat the boars guarding the entrance bridge. then I enter a store to get the items. then I enter another warehouse (I get more items), I face the wild boars that are there (I get more items), when I leave the warehouse there is no one nearby, I wait if a wild boar approaches but nothing happens. then I move to the right where I find a group of wild boars (there are 2 of them). I defeat them. but I don't get key...

That last bit to the right is where you should explore a bit more. Go right and up. Should be 5 there (so 3 remaining).

How do i get all the endings? I can't seem to figure it out

Check out the dev log titled "Scene Guide."

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Thanks bud!🙏

holy moly just played through this and i'm so excited for more! great concept and a fun spicy time 



when a new update will come out im going to play it for the first time!


Not sure I understand. Chapter One here is more or less done, though I'll probably tweak it a bit after Two comes out. Chapter two is still a ways off: probably early summer next year.


THEN I WILL WAIT!!! I will stay strong and horny, waiting till the update! then i will DL this game and play it with PRIDE!! KNOWNING!… (that i spent so many days waiting for this update like a dumbass)… THA WILL BE GREAT!!!!


Oh no! Well I'm glad you're still pumped for it. STAY STRONG!


Really fun game with tons of personality! Just finished what I now know to be slut mode and it was quite satisfying. 

You've got a rich, vivid world, and really have a knack for storytelling through small details with big implications. I particularly appreciated the cheeky quips coming from the boars and Mezz himself, along with the subtle touches from the ear clips. Together with the mechanic changes they carried off the tone-shift into submission convincingly, coherently, and with a depth that struck the perfect balance between menacing and inviting.

Mechanically everything is sound, and combat is fun with the right level of stakes. Playing Mezz's three bars off each other provides a flexibility in strategy that I'm looking forward to using for the normal end. 

Well done and very much worth it!


Aw thanks, really appreciate it! Truthfully, it's still a pretty humble game in a lot of ways, some of which I hope to improve and build on in the next chapter. But I'm glad you enjoyed a lot of it. Writing is the thing that comes easiest to me, and while that's an obstacle on a project like this that also needs great visuals, it does probably lead to the whole thing having more personality and depth than it would otherwise. I mean not THAT much depth, but enough to have fun with.

I think the project in general is the result of two things: me wanting to make a "playable story," and my experience with similar games showing me that while static scenes are fine, raw gameplay can be really hot on its own if it's designed right, and for much longer and in a more dynamic way, because you kind of have the tools to write your own scenes, crude as they are. So I'm gradually exploring that.

But yeah, glad you like the dialog! I suppose the game would be passable without it, but a lot of my testing is just playing through and finding things that feel "off," and the chance to have that extra characterization was definitely not something I was going to miss out on.

Do you have any plans on refining the sex mechanic? To explain it's a little disjointed how the enemy(s) engage in it, sort of stepping over each other's toes or passively watching even when they're the only participant. Additionally even if you break free before a climax you still end up in the cum-covered state, and finally it just seems odd to me that Mezz climaxing would end the interaction in which any enemy is dominating them.


In general the battle sex mechanics are an attempt to approximate an actual dynamic scene. You don't get to see it all, but you can kind of fill in the gaps. Because of this "approximation" framing, it's never going to be perfect, though I try to coax what I can out of it. Believe it or not, a lot of time was spent just getting it to be as "coherent" as it is now: persistent cum was a huge thing to implement, bunch of extra art variants and checks, and there's a LOT in the system you don't see just playing it: things like a backoff timer so they don't immediately grab you again the moment you recover, a lot of finetuning of timing and chance for various things. 

All that said, yes, it's still not a perfect "state simulation" of what's actually supposed to be happening (though the current version is a lot better than the early ones). This is partially the engine's fault: I like to joke that in RPGMaker, things that should be hard are easy, and things that should be easy are hard. You have to engage in a lot of...creative solutions to get the battle engine to do some of these things without becoming a total mess. But in general: yes it could be better, and I hope to fine tune more as I go with chapter 2. Potentially backporting some of those changes to 1 eventually. To give more specifics on what you asked about though:

-As far as "stepping on toes," I don't track a literal sex action state for each enemy, because doing so wouldn't be practical. I'm pretty happy with the idea they're just taking turns at random, rather than specifically tracking which is doing what at any given time.

-That behavior with one enemy should probably be patched, yes, and that shouldn't be too hard a change. In general the model I'm going off of is that once Mezz is being fucked in combat, every enemy either uses their turn to join in, or sits on the sidelines, and I'm pretty happy with that model. But if there's only one enemy left and he grabs Mezz, I should probably just do a check so there are no "waiting" actions.

-"if you break free before a climax you still end w/ cum". I think this came down to me dreading adding yet another state to track for Mezz in the additional battle engine I was building on top of the real one. I have a nude, no cum sprite sheet. It was probably also a case of "will people really care about how consistent this all is?" Well, now I have at least one data point that says they do, so I'll look into patching this into chapter 2 at some point.

-On climaxing ending the interaction, you have to see each sex cycle as kind of a mini battle within the larger battle. The boar's goal is to down Mezz, and normally they do this by reaching climax, but if Mezz is horny enough he downs himself mid-fuck. This is a "punishment" for him mechanically, because he has to start the cycle all over again, and he takes a health hit (health in CS isn't literal health so much as "ability to keep fighting"). The idea essentially is that Mezz climaxing during sex means the enemies get a "free turn" with him. It isn't a perfect metaphor, but I'm happy enough with it for now. I may do any number of things with the lust mechanic in general in chapter 2, including just scrapping it to make space for other things, so we'll see on this one.

So two yes, and two no.

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Are you going to make an android version available please or information on how to make it into an android version? Btw I love the game so much


Thanks! No, I won't be releasing any mobile versions. The engine theoretically supports it, but many of the plugins I use don't play nice in that environment. Eventually I'll be reading and writing small text files with the game for a kind of amateur additional save system, and mobile REALLY won't like that. This is a desktop game, and probably always will be.


I'm likin' the game, but I'm curious about one thing: Are traps (in the world) something that's planned? Like a trapped locker tha grabs Mezz in and wastes his time whilst also lowering his HP/making the corruption mechanic slightly worse off (since I heard you wanna get rid of it)


Probably not. I'm not opposed to it, it's a neat idea, but a lot of what ends up in the game is what makes sense in context, and I don't see that fitting in as well. Definitely not getting rid of corruption, maybe there was some misunderstanding there. That's kind of the core of the game. Different kinds of corruption in each chapter though.


I really like the game. The art style is very well done and the sex scenes well written. I was engaged in the combat as well.

A few things I wanted to add. The stair case fight is really Hard. I feel like it maybe useful to get a defensive ability to help with survival. Something like an Evasion type move that can increase the chances of an enemy missing for example. Also the guard feature doesn’t seem all that useful. Perhaps in future updates where get something like Regeneration or a Counter attack it can be more helpful but as of now it’s just a waste of a turn to use.

Also it is a bit frustrating with Lust as it’s damage is huge and there isn’t really any way to lower it outside of letting it reach 100. Perhaps there can be an ability like Patch Up called Meditate or Masturbate to let you lower Lust outside of battle.

Speaking of Patch up, it’s useful but it seems a bit too strong. For very little points it is very easy to max heal your self. The skill may need to cost a bit more than it is now.

Lustful combat doesn’t seem like much as it’s rather one note and you didn’t get much outside of doing the Lust action or resisting. Honestly a lot of fun in fighting was trying to beat enemies *before* they put me in the Lustful state.

Overall I very much do enjoy this game, even if it can be rough around the edges. I’m looking forward to see future updates!

Thanks for the feedback, it's always helpful hearing both what people like and DON'T (as long as they're polite) because it's easy to be focused on fixing one set of things when people actually care about others.

I'll just start off by saying the combat, while fun, is definitely very primitive in this first chapter. And while I'm never going to make something super in-depth, I am continuing to tweak and improve it as I work on chapter 2. Once that's finished and playtested somewhat, I may back-port the relevant improvements to 1. But let's get to specifics on what you're looking at:

The staircase fight IS really hard. Part of this is on purpose: it's supposed to frustrate you into giving up and using the sex option. But there's a sweet spot of frustrating, but doable, and I may end up moving down just a hair in difficulty to better hit that zone. I don't think it will require any new skills, just playing with the number of enemies, how fast they deploy, and some other stats to get the balance right. I've adapted/changed the way energy drinks work in chapter 2 provisionally: now instead of being the way you recharge, your energy re-ups after every battle, and the drinks instead act as a "supercharge",  maxing your energy for 3 turns so you can spam the spin attack for longer (but not forever). I'm balancing for this by making the drinks much rarer as a pickup, but I think this usage is a lot more fun to play. This alone would probably go a long way to making that fight more doable, though it would still have to be balanced. 

Lust is admittedly a half-finished concept. You're right, there should be a way to drain it off after battle. On the other hand it isn't THAT big a deal, as you have practically infinite heals outside of battle thanks to Patch Up, and I like the idea of it being something you CAN'T control, an obstacle that kneecaps you more and more as you sink deeper into corruption. Right now though it's just kinda there though. In Chapter 2 I'll try to either cut it (there's another mechanic coming in) or flesh it out more. And again, based on what I end up learning there, I may eventually port some changes back to chapter 1.

I'm pretty happy with Patch Up. The idea is that items are for healing in combat, and Patch Up is for healing outside of it. This means you never have to worry about being low health IN GENERAL, just during the course of a fight, and as a dev that makes the possible scenarios I have to consider a lot smaller, and makes item pacing etc easier. 

Lust combat, or battlesex, isn't so much about the mechanic as it is using a mechanic for storytelling. That said, resisting (or not) IS the mechanic. First that gameplay doesn't happen at all, then it's easy to escape, then it becomes harder and harder to escape until it just happens with no option to avoid it. As these kind of RPGs go that's kind of par for the course: the enemies do things that make you more and more vulnerable, and then pounce, and you have to try to struggle out of it. If you had ideas on how that big could be more engaging though, let me know. Always open to pondering possibilities as long as they're not too wild.

Again, glad you're enjoying it, and thanks for the feedback!

That reminds me: Small healing items are practically worthless. At best, you get healed by a little amount and get lucky the enemy doesn't take the hp back on their first turn. I always thought item usage was supposed to be a free action, but I don't know if you have power over that, considering the engine you're using..

No, by default in most RPGMaker games item use is an action in battle. There's probably a way to tweak that, but I'll probably leave as-is for now. The smaller healing items are minimal in their help in battle, but not completely useless: one should often be just enough to buy one  or two rounds more than you would have had otherwise, though obviously they become pointless if there are a lot of enemies still attacking.  It's certainly arguable they should be a bit stronger though, and something I'll consider as I keep working on chapter 2.


So, just got like, 4 different endings I think? Great game, sometimes the movement was janky, or like, certain mind control scenes in fights seem a bit off, like, Boar A, B and C all seem to shove their cock in at once? But aside from that, great job so far, and I can't wait for future content


Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely got some rough edges, but can still be a lot of fun.

speaking of "boar A, B ,C ,maybe you can put random generated names?

No, that's by design. Naming characters indicates that they're special, and will have a larger role in the story. The thugs are meant to be generic and blend into each other. A B C is just used to indicate there are in fact multiple thugs speaking.


Clunky gameplay gripes aside, this is the content I crave. Bad ends, mind control, not enough of this type. I love Mezz's design and the simplicity of the art style.


Good hypno/mind-fuckery stuff in general seems rare. One of the reasons I ended up doing this: now there will be at least one more hypno game!

And yes, I absolute cop to clunky gameplay. This will improve a bit with future chapters, but probably not hugely. I am not a smart when it comes to gameplay. My goal is just for it to be good ENOUGH to be fun, and not get in the way too much.

Excuse me but will you ever add bdsm scenes?

Hope you don't mind me asking, but I'm curious: How did you add the Lust bar to the game?

In this case it's just a re-purposed TP bar with some tweaks. There are plugins for extra bars, or more control over how they work, but that ended up being too much trouble for chapter one.


yo love the game got a few questions though

1. do you have a twitter or discord or something 

2. will there be new hypnosis items and stuff like that or will you re use the earrings 

3. will you ever combine all future chapters into one for maybe like a special addition



1. No, this is the place to follow to keep tabs on anything new happening with the game.

2. New mechanic/setup for each chapter. I will miss the clips though, they looked cool.

3. That's the plan. Long way off though, and we'll see if it's actually doable when/if we get to that point.


aweee, the clips are going?  In my head I imagined the game building on the clips and or adding additional hypno items to pair with them. 


Sadly yes. Don't worry though, plenty of other fun stuff to come.

Awesome! Can’t wait 

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